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A free download manager for faster downloads and media extraction

EagleGet - August 10, 2020
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Some Internet connections are not so stable when it comes to downloading files, and you will often encounter downloading speeds which are way below your connection speed when downloading through a browser. EagleGet is a tool which tries to get rid of this problem!

EagleGet is a free download manager for Windows which offers to speed up your downloads and manage the downloading of media files from websites. It was notorious in the past for including adware in its installation, but that problem is gone now. It integrates with all of your browsers automatically by installing its extension.

A question appears as soon as you install it, asking you to either see ads or sacrifice some of your bandwidth to help the EagleGet community. We chose to see ads since sacrificing bandwidth is sort of contradictory with speeding up downloads.

Either way, ads are not invasive and they don't pop-up, but rather stay in a fixed region of the window. Downloads we tried out were stable and fast enough. However, its additional features are what really drawn us to this program. You can enter a URL and download all media files the program finds.

This can be used on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. This can be performed even better with the browser extension. EagleGet is a great free alternative to Internet Download Manager, and it's definitely a go-to tool for faster downloads and media 'grabbing'. It even supports torrent files.

• Free and easy to install and use
• Ads are not invasive and they don't pop-up
• Downloads are stable, fast, and broken up into smaller fragments
• You can download media files from virtually any website easily
• It can even be useful to people with a good Internet connection
• A weird prompt appears asking you to choose between ads or sacrificing bandwidth


Minimum requirements

• 64 MB of RAM
• 6 MB of free disk space
• Chrome, IE 8/9/10/11, Opera or Firefox installed

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Operating system: Windows

Supported languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Farsi, French, German   View more...

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